booksTogether- Let’s Build a New Public Library for Photography!

  • ALTlab -Social Photography Residency

      ….Unless immediate action is taken, the vast bio-diversity of Sundarban comprising its 425 wildlife species including the Royal Bengal Tiger and 300 species of trees and herbs and the other natural resources which sustain millions of people, may disappear within the next 50 to 90 years... More
  • Let's get critical

    Dear Friends, On 8th January, we are entering the 5th year of setting up of Goa Center for Alternative Photography. As we embark on a number of future plans, we would like to receive your critical comments and suggestions about our work and programmes. Please feel free to criticize and praise on ... More
  • A Short Course - Alternative Photographic Processes

    Goa Center for Alternative Photography presents  A Short Course on Alternative Photographic Processes experiment with the 19th century photographic processes Participants, investigate and experiment in this lab-oriented, hands-on workshop, selecting, learning and creating from an extensiv... More
  • Great Salt March

    Invitation to artists/photographers/writers To be a part of the Great Salt March THE SALT PRINTS A walk from Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad to Dandi, Gujarat. 387 Km From 6th November to 30th November 2013 THE SALT PRINTS is a contemporary artists’ march which aims to retrace the histo... More
  • Experimenting with documentary - Short Course

    Goa Center for Alternative Photography presents A Short Course on Experimenting with documentary by Juan Orrantia This 3 day workshop will introduce elements of contemporary documentary photographic practice. Drawing on both the history and practice of visual anthropology and experimental ... More