Goa Center for Alternative photography was established in 2010 as an autonomous institution under the Sunlight Trust registered under The Indian Trust Act 1881, Registration number 842/09/Mormugao/Goa, as a conservative art space dedicated exclusively to the promotion of alternative photography Art in India.

The Executive Director is the administrative head of the center. The Goa-CAP is governed by a Board of  Trustees of Sunlight Trust, who meets regularly to provide general directions to the Centre’s work.

The mission of Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) is to create an ecosystem to advance knowledge, to generate new ideas, research and scholarship in photography that will best serve the artist around the world.

The objectives

Through exhibitions, educational and research based programs for the artists, publications, as well as independent events and engagements, we aim to:

Our Activities
Since 2010, Goa-CAP has invited scholars, artists, and other cultural figures from around the world to work, exhibit, teach and present at the Center. Goa-CAP demonstrates proactive national and international leadership by educating through residencies, Workshops, exhibitions and talk shows for the artists; cultivating and growing audiences; and initiating and encouraging collaboration among a diverse range of artists, institutions, communities and supporters

Our flagship programmes are

  1. Through the Pinhole – monthly Pinhole workshop for the artists
  2. Goa International Pinhole Photography contest – an annual international event
  3. Black and White Photography workshops – monthly workshops
  4. ALTlab – Two month Photography residency for Indian artists
  5. Goa Archival Project – Ongoing programme to archive the Goan visual Past
  6. Theo Institute of Photography – Ongoing educational initiative for deaf-mute youth
  7. Wanted series – Monthly conversations on photography
  8. Let’s talk about photography – Talk show
  9. Community darkroom
  10. Public library for photography, Goa



Mr. Srinivas Mangipudi (srinivas@goa-cap.org)

Executive Director

P. Madhavan (madhavan@goa-cap.org)


Board of Trustees

Mr. Edson Dias

Dr. Chaitanya Guttikar

Mr. Arpan Mukherjee

Ms. Shreyasi Kar