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Goa Center for Alternative photography (Goa-CAP) with the support of India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is inviting applications from Indian artists for the “ALTlab photography residency” for a two month residency programme in Goa.

ALTlab photography residency

This residency is aimed at artists practicing photography in both film and digital formats, and looking for alternative ways of image creation and printing processes, by using a dark room and silver to create images.

The ALTlab photography residency is equipped with a darkroom for experimentation with black and white film. The state-of-the art lab that supports pinhole, daguerreotype, Wet plate Collodion, Albumen print and Cyanotype processes. Apart from this, a variety of cameras are available, including 35mm SLR film, medium format, large format and a 4×5 ft walk through camera obscura. The residency will also host workshops to nurture concepts in alternative photography, and create a discursive environment in which theory, hands-on experience and technical solutions are investigated.

The ALTlab photography residency will host an introductory “Open Exchange” in the first month, to facilitate conversations, discussions, advice and criticism on themes chosen by the artists in residence. The ‘critic in residence’ will lead these discussions, make one-on-one studio visits, and regularly update a blog created during the residency.

At the end of the residency, there will be an “OpenLab day” when the artists in residence will get a chance to share the work and ideas developed during the residency with Goa’s arts community and the general public.

To know more about the Alternative photography methods in use today – the art, the processes and the techniques of alternative photography. Please visit our partner website

Applicants should be seriously engaged with researching and developing their own photography language. They should be open and willing to live modestly with other artists for a period of two months. The selected residents will have to commit themselves to being present in Goa during the time of their residency, except for short work related trips.

Please send the following documents to the Goa-CAP office address below:

  • One completed application form (Download application form here)
  • Images of current artwork; tiff or jpeg image (preferably cd/dvd, or hard copy).
  • Curriculum vitae, reviews and catalogues.
  • A short statement which puts your work samples into context, gives an idea of your artistic concerns / areas of interest, why you are interested in the ALT LAB residency, and how you may want to make use of the ALT LAB facilities, and the experience of being in the Goan landscape or culture.

Please post to the address:

The Executive Director
Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP),
c/o Prashant Falari, House No. E2 / 268,
Dongorpur (Royal Village), Near St.
Alex Church, Calangute, Goa, India,,
Phone: 09822087276, 09730103604

For further inquiries please contact:


  • Travel expenses; Maximum of Rs. 8000 – Goa to and fro (against actual bills).
  • Rs. 20,000 for 2 months – Stipend
  • All material required for experimenting will be provided by Goa-CAP.
  • The Goa-CAP apartment is furnished and rooms will be available on twin-sharing basis. There is a common space that can be shared for work or socializing. Residents will have to make their own arrangements for food and can cook at the apartment in the common kitchen. Residents have access to the telephone, computer with Internet access, at the center.

A coordinator will be in charge of logistics and the needs of the guests, from
their arrival in Goa until their departure.

January 30, 2011 (Notification date to be determined)
The selected list will be posted at the website of Goa-CAP (

Phone: 09822087276, 09730103604


Address: The Executive Director, Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP),
c/o Prashant Falari, House No. E2 / 268, Dongorpur (Royal Village), Near St,
Alex Church, Calangute, Goa, India,

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