THE SALT PRINTS – 387 Km, 24 Days, 4 Artists

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THE SALT PRINTS is a contemporary artists’ march with the aim to retrace the historical “Dandi March – the 387 km walk from Sabarmati to Dandi”, which launched the history’s greatest nonviolent battle, the civil disobedience campaign, headed by the father of the nation, the great Mahatma Gandhi, in 1930.

This Dandi March in 2011, by a group of 4 artists, aims to visualize the historical geography, by collecting and capturing photographs throughout the walk to develop a visual narrative of people’s personal and collective memoirs of Gandhi and his philosophy.

The participating artists are Ajit Bhadoriya, Edson Dias, Chaitanya Guttikar, and P. Madhavan who shall be equipped with the pinhole, medium format and large format cameras loaded with films. The march will start on the 6th of July 2011 from Sabarmati and will end at Dandi, Gujarat.

The four artist marchers have a commitment to teach 4 youth in the village where Gandhi rested for the day (List of villages). Four youth volunteers would be selected from the village and taught, by each of these marching artists, on the basic photography skills giving them an opportunity to visually represent their village and culture. This is a small step towards igniting youth’s imagination, creativity and self-expression through photography.

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