COMMUNITY DARKROOM is a space created to support photographers who are continuing the practice of photography in its purest form. This place shall provide accessibility to a fully equipped darkroom to realize a photographers desire to learn, explore, and create with great comfort.

The best way to enjoy the COMMUNITY DARKROOM is to become a member. Members enjoy access to equipment and facilities, discounts, opportunities to be a resident artist, interns and more.

Members pay an annual subscription fee to use the facilities and sustenance of the Community darkroom.

Membership: The annual membership can be availed for Rs. 5000/- only (Individuals), Rs. 2500/- only (Senior citizens).  This subscription provides full access to the DARKROOM facilities and equipments for one complete year.

Materials: The DARKROOM comprises all basic chemicals for developing and printing black and white images. Films, papers and alternative photography materials which will be available for use at the members’ discounted rates.

Workshop The workshops conducted by Goa-CAP shall be made available to the members on a discount of  25%.

Other benefits

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To avail the membership, send an email to .