InSight Project

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Two photography workshops for the visually challenged, in partnership with Retina India were organized from 6th to 9th of September at the premises of NAB Mumbai and Indian Association for the Visually Handicapped, Mumbai. The first session of the workshop focused on camera technicalities such as how to hold the camera, and use of the camera. Second session focused on taking single and group photos by listening to the subjects. Third session focused on exploring tactile photography at a city park (touching flowers, grass, trees, based on the tactile experience and clicking the photographs), while the last session was reserved for the attendees to experience and explore “audio” photography (photography based on the different noises, sounds, voices of the city, composing shot). Chosen pictures from this workshop will be displayed at “InSight”, the event Retina India is organizing in Bangalore on October 1, 2010, during Retina India week. Such workshops will be held in different parts of the country depending on the feedback. If you wish to take part in such a workshop in your city, please write to

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