Public Library for Photography

“…Public Library for the Photography is committed to house comprehensive collections of books, references and archival in Photography to support the research, teaching, and learning needs of the photography community in India….”

Public Library for the Photography provides an informal, collaborative learning environment for the artists to gather and research on projects. It is also about a social experience of reading / studying as a community while being able to discuss and debate what co-readers have read and learnt.

At present the Goa Center for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) library houses a modest collection of 100 books related to photography, its process and allied subjects.

Understanding that this is a very small collection for any art centre to endure, we aim to dedicate the coming three years to raise the number of books to almost 10,000 books and Journals. In the recent past we have had a number of individuals and organizations who have donated a fraction of books to the library.

The need of the artist community is however much larger, to meet which the board of the Goa-CAP has recently established the Library Fund to receive and administer contributions that benefit the book collection at the library for the artists.

Selected list of books and journals

We invite you to be a partner in realizing the vision of creating a premier Public Photography Library in India. You will form an integral part of this knowledge repository as the contributor’s name shall be memorialized. You would be thought-of every time an artist checks-out a book!

Why do we need the funding?

Fundraising for the Library is a special, time-limited effort to raise money for a specific purpose. The money hence raised can only be used for the solicited purpose for example in this case ‘to buy new books and journals for the library’.

It is expected to raise the funds worth for Rs.2,00,000. This sum will cover for procuring new books; subscription amount for the magazines and journals and other miscellaneous expenditures required to operate the Public Library for the Photography.

What will happen if the capital campaign does not reach its goal?

We are confident that the capital campaign will be successful. All funds raised through this campaign will be deposited in the library fund and be used to build the library. In the event that the campaign misses to reach its stated goal within the planned time frame, additional efforts will be made to re-launch the said campaign.

Are my contributions to library, tax-deductible?

Yes. All contributions made to the library are tax-deductible under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act and can be availed by any tax payer be it an individual, a company or firrm. Of the total donation made almost 50% of it is allowed for deduction from the taxable income and consequently the tax is calculated.

A certificate under Section 80G will be issued by the Sunlight Trust to the tax payer donation maker to enable them to claim the exemption from Income Tax office.

In terms of foreign contributions, the money will not be tax-deductible as the Sunlight Trust is still in the process of acquiring an FCRA certificate.

Together- Let’s Build a New Public Library for Photography!