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Goa Center for Alternate Photography, Aksgar and Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan are pleased to announce a symposium and call for papers for

Wanted: Ethics In Photography
30 August 2014
Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan
3, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

Photography, after the introduction to the ethereal world of electronics has undergone a revolution that has extreme implications on the moral and ethical, as well as the legal and professional dimensions of photography. The digital revolution offers empowerment and opportunity, along with a range of new problems such as digital manipulation, legal status of ownership rights over images, intellectual property rights, reproduction rights, right to freedom, and the right to privacy.

Photographers, journalists, and artists, too encounter ethical challenges in their professional and personal lives. Though not easy, but often, an answer to such challenges may emerge from brainstorming or intense discussions. Do we have a framework of ethics and morals on creating and consuming photography in India? Are ethics and morals the same? Are ethics and laws consistent in India? Should ethics be sacrificed for the higher good of the society? Do professional ethics in one discipline conflict and contradict with ethical conduct of another discipline? Can a voluntary ethical and moral framework be developed for use by photographers in India?

To understand and seek to answer these questions, Goa-CAP, Aksgar and Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan are organizing a one day symposium ‘Wanted: Ethics In Photography’ that will cover all aspects of ethics in relation to photography.

This symposium is an opportunity for photographers, artists, scholars, filmmakers and students to discuss their ethics-related work with leading scholars and professionals in their fields. It will include presentations of selected papers and sessions to highlight key ethical issues in photography, as well as question & answer and discussion sessions.

This symposium aims to reflect on the role and relevance of values and ethics in photography, as they are important not only to the practitioners, but also to institutions like media, colleges, museums and businesses that use photographs or commission photography.

Symposium Objectives

• Bring together thinkers, scholars and practitioners of photography as well as the media, museums, social and business institutions, to examine the state of ethics and values in photography and to formulate a voluntary code of ethical conduct for creators and consumers of photographs;
• Promote a rich and open environment in which to discuss these critical and urgent issues;
• Develop effective strategies to disseminate and implement across India the outcomes of the symposium.

Call for Papers
The one day symposium will cover broad areas with emphasis on the ethical behavior, professional and social responsibility of creators and consumers of photographs. The topic will be approached broadly from many different areas.

We invite papers for the symposium on relevant research work on all aspects of ethics in relation to photography including but not limited to:
• Freedom of Expression
• Censorship
• Freedom of Information
• Morals or Ethics?
• Copyright/Copyleft/Creative Commons
• Ethics policies: Funding agencies and policy makers
• Information Law Language, Culture and Ethical Code of Conduct
• Principles and Standards of Ethical Behavior
• Genres of Photography and Ethical Differences (nature/anthropological/photojournalistic)
• Conservation Ethics

Deadline for abstracts: 30 June 2014
Shortlist of abstracts: 15 July 2014
Deadline for papers for presentation: 15 August 2014

Send abstracts (approximately 300-500 words) for individual papers in PDF format to the symposium coordinators Anil or Madhavan using the form below. For guidelines on formatting your paper please click here.

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